Free Trial 7 days

How does the free trial work?

Requesting this test, you can try all the features of the Animal Anesthesia app, that is, the PLUS plan, for 7 days. After this period, your account is automatically migrated to the previous plan already subscribed (Free or TIVA).

When will I receive the trial license?
Your free trial request will be reviewed within 12 hours and if approved, we will send you a response email stating that your Courtesy PLUS has been released. During version releases, it is possible that there will be small delays during revisions, due to the high demand. If you are over 12 working hours, send us an email. Do not fill out another form, as this will delay your request.

Can my test request be declined?
Yes, our team checks the eligibility of the free account for each user who requests it. Only new users who have never tried the PLUS plan are entitled to a free trial. If your request is declined, we will send you a response email with the reason for disapproval.

What happens after a period of seven days?
Your plan returns to the FREE or TIVA plan (if you already subscribed to that plan) and the “Subscribe to TIVA / PLUS” button disappears on iOS devices!
During the entire free trial period, even before the end, you can subscribe to one of our plans, just go to “My Profile” and click on the “Subscribe to TIVA / PLUS” button or through our website, on the “Subscribe” button.

If you use iOS: After the trial period the option to subscribe on iOS devices is not active (this is an Apple requirement), in this case, only through the website will it be possible to subscribe.

More details about check our Termos de Uso e Política de Privacidade.

You must have an account created in the app before ordering the test. If you would like to test the functions before subscribing, we offer 7 days free. Request in the form below. After the trial period your account will migrate to the FREE plan.

Note: If your email is from the yahoo domain, contact us to confirm your order, as Yahoo is blocking the submission of this form.

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