Price adjustment after 5 years

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Olá Anest,

We are contacting you to inform you of a change that will occur in our prices.

We have been serving our users with excellence for over 5 years and at the same prices! We will make some adjustments to our subscriptions and, with the usual total transparency, we have brought here, by email, on our website and also in the app, the information so that you can take advantage of this transition.

Everything becomes more expensive over time, it's called inflation... and it affects us too. In addition to other factors, such as the remuneration of our team, increased server costs and the acquisition of new outsourced systems that we implemented to improve the app.

From February 15th we will have news about Anestesia Animal subscription plans, the change will occur in all subscription plans (individual and corporate). Prices will be adjusted with an increase of R$2.00 (two reais) in individual plans.

See what individual Anesthesia Animal subscription plans will look like from February 15, 2024:

Plan TIVA: from R$9,90 to R$11,90

Plan PLUS: from R$14,90 to R$16,90

Plan MASTER: from R$19,90 to R$21,90

Corporate plans will follow the new table published on this page:

The change will take place from February 15th, as long as a minimum of 30 days have been completed from the date of your last payment.

How will it work in practice?
Example A: if your invoices are due on the 10th of each month, your invoices due on January 10th and February 10th still include the old price, you will only see the price adjustment starting from the March 10th invoice .

Example B:
if you pay on the 15th of each month, your invoice due on January 15th will still include the old price, you will only see the price adjustment from the February 15th invoice onwards.

I already have an active prepaid card, what now?
Nothing changes. Prepaid cards already purchased will not be affected; if you have a prepaid card activated, your credits will continue to be valid.

However, we are also pleased to inform you that until February 15th, you can still purchase prepaid cards at the old price, guaranteeing 1, 3, 6 months or even a year (12 months) of Animal Anesthesia for current price, before adjustment.

We are always available to help, if you have any questions, please contact us.

All of our messages are informative in nature, that is, we never send codes via SMS or Whatsapp to update your account and we will never ask you to click on payment links without you having previously requested it. Whenever you have questions, please contact us directly through our official channels.

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em 12 de janeiro de 2024.

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