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Hi Anest

In the Animal Anesthesia app, we seek to provide the best experience to ensure you make the most of our services. And for that, your privacy and the security of your personal data are and will always be very important to us.

We understand that guaranteeing privacy means respecting our customers and honoring the pillars of transparency, partnership, security, simplicity and experience. For this reason, we are making some updates to our Terms and Use and Privacy Policy. We are simplifying the understanding of what is allowed in the Anestesia Animal app and how our service works.

Some other changes were also made to make the application an even more special tool for anesthesiologists, check out what changes:

- Changing the Authorization Terms section to Consent Terms;
- Removal of the Anesthetic-Surgical Term (together) according to the latest CFMV Resolution (nº1321 of April / 2020);
- Change of Authorization to Clinician to Confirm the transfer of anesthetic information;
- Review of all consent terms, with easy to understand language and additional fields to ensure even more security in your service;
- Review of signature emails;
- Permission to send Model Term (allowing the tutor to read calmly, for example the day before signing the official term);
- Release of the first stage of the BETA Web Panel of statistics;

The new Terms of Use and Privacy Statement will take effect from the date of their publication. By continuing to use our tools you agree to the new guidelines, yet your acceptance may still be requested again within the application when the changes are posted.

All documents, terms, privacy policy, emails, websites and our application as a whole, were reviewed and modified under the guidance of our legal counsel, namely, Dantas & Martins Advocacia, specializing in veterinary medical direct. All old and current documents are still valid and can be used in the event of an eventual lawsuit against you, Anest. The modifications we made aim to improve your experience with the aplicitvo and also with the tutors of your patients.

SECURITY TIP: All our messages are for information purposes, that is, we never send codes by SMS or Whatsapp to update your account and we will never ask you to click on payment links without having previously requested it.

Whenever in doubt, contact us directly through our official channels.
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